Through capital, resources and strategy - we help businesses:

Maximize Growth with Acquisition and Technology Systems

Engineer Maximum Exitable Valuation




We invest in and grow the businesses of tomorrow.

We deliver profit + value growth opportunities.

We believe in optimizing valuation levers.

We are AXISMETA — a foundational SAAS investment management company.

Key Capabilities

01 Investment and Capital

01 Consulting and Growth Strategies

02 Workshops and Education

03 eCommerce Engineering and Technology

About Axismeta

Investment, Resources, and Partnership for Tomorrow with a Seasoned Chief Growth Officer and Trusted Industry Leader

AXISMETA is a cutting-edge strategic investment partner specializing in resource, strategy, and technology/tools to increase business valuation.

AXISMETA is where experience, extraordinary ideas, and execution come together. Alongside providing capital and investment, we have taken the lessons learned while scaling and selling our own D2C brands to create systemic programs/tools to help our partners identify new opportunities and create growth that is material to corporations.

Our Approach - we invest in and strategize towards business outcomes that create positive personal, business, social, and environmental impact.

Our Method - we fuse sophisticated technology with communication that converts to engineer excellence at scale and supercharge sales.

Our Solutions - we fund and empower enterprises in a variety of domains to accelerate their demand and distribution by effectively integrating opportunities, analytics, and operational efficiencies.

Our Services

Investment and Capital: Funding the Businesses of Tomorrow

We identify and invest in businesses that show potential for scalable growth, specifically SAAS businesses whose fundamentals can benefit from Axismeta’s time-tested strategies, technologies, and tools. We position you and your business towards the future and ensure you have the resources necessary to grow and secure a profitable exit.

Resource and Investment

Capital Management

Growth acceleration

Technology, tools, and strategies

Exit consultation

IDEATION & OPPORTUNITY CONSULTING: Tomorrow’s ideas, delivered today.

We guide you towards future opportunities and help you decide where your business should focus with solution discovery and experience design services. We harvest critical data and take stock of market trends to inform what will create long-term growth beyond the scope and reach of existing business units.​

Business Modeling

Strategy & Design

Customer Journey​

Technology Roadmapping ​

Monetization Recommendations​

Workshops: Coming together to grow together

We believe a combination of innovation, people, and purpose can drive positive change because it is essential to master a productive mindset in order to unleash the full potential of sophisticated systems and talent. Our workshops function as powerful frameworks which will help your organization reach its fullest capabilities.

OmniAgile/Agile for non-tech Businesses (HR, Supply Chain, Sales)

Implementing successful DTC

Empowering employees to have a growth mindset in the Tech environment