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Tech Investor and business strategist. I share tools and strategies with SAAS Founders and CEOs on behalf of M&A companies, investors, and business owners on how to be consistently and predictably profitable.

10 years ago I was the managing director of an Angel Investing Network, during that time I learned and experienced the best investors who had entrepreneurial experience building and growing a company.

A focus for my graduate work which was published by the Journal of Private Equity,
“Changing the Game of Venture Capital” was based on profiling highly successful venture capitalists.

Since this time I have founded, exited, and participated in the growth of technology and consumer product-based companies growing them with digital scalable systems focusing on digital marketing optimization of the entire customer journey using agile business processes (SOPs) and strategic acquisitions - focusing on communicating to convert (c2c method)™

My focus is teaching, investing, and consulting on opportunities for growth helping business owners and investors grow their businesses with tools and strategies I curated. With my help, my partners reduced the risk of failure by putting deals together.

Collaborating with other companies to find creative and giving value has been my passion for years. The best part about what I do is being able to help businesses grow, by connecting them with other companies and organizations for their various needs or advising on acquisitions to support growth.

Creator, Technical Solutions Specialist, Engineer, and author of "Changing the Game of Venture Capital: Expert Insights" Journal of Private Equity (http://bit.ly/2HbQqVB).