Communicate to Convert

Make conversation click with the clarity to exit (C2E Method) workshop

Breakthrough technology has changed the way workers across nearly every industry do their jobs. Connections between IT professionals and people who do not have a technical background have exploded. As a result, not everyone understands insights, concerns, and talking points when knowledge gaps exist in terminology and technology.

Clarity to Exit bridges the gap with an immersive, hands-on workshop that inspires inter-departmental teams to adopt leading-edge communication skills for the purpose of achieving shared objectives. The series also introduces participants to a method of communication that consistently converts external clients so your organization remains top of mind long after important conversations conclude.

Give your team access to:

1. Hands-on curriculum designed to transform communication skills
2. A proven framework to become a master communicator
3. 5 structured modules — available in live and virtual settings
4. Self-improvement and coaching tools

Workshop design & benefits

1. Workshops are designed to teach communication best practices for effective sales and teamwork.
2. Participants will learn how to become memorable and effective communicators so they can drive conversations that make all listeners excited, increase client-facing or inter-departmental conversions, and grow the business.

Teams will learn how to:

1. Clarity to exit: drive sales and new business development
2. Retain customers and clients through intentional conversation
3. Identify and manage communication barriers
4. Effectively liaise with colleagues from other departments
5. Choose the right communication style and tools
6. Communicate effectively through email
7. Have clear and concise interactions with co-workers
8. Eliminate potential for workplace conflict
9. Build relationships and provide support to colleagues and peers
10. Effectively propose ideas and/or initiatives in a startup or corporate setting
11. Use communication to address pain points across the entire customer journey
12. Hone leading-edge communication skills, empathetic listening, and perspective listening

Explore the curriculum — workshop outline

Step 1: Customer Journey
Step 2: Strategic Communication
Step 3: Ideation
Step 4: Prototyping
Step 5: Convert
Step 6: Wrap up

Why now?

Recent global events have proliferated the remote office, Slack, and, of course, Zoom meetings, but long before, the emergence of technology had already drastically changed markets and the work environment. This speed of change is not slowing down. Technologists say we’ll see the amount of change we saw in the last one hundred years within the next ten. Is your organization ready? Now is the time to build the bridge to connect all employees in your business. Build a stronger team by making the choice to hone your company voice with communication that converts.

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