Empowering employees to have a growth mindset in the Tech environment

Tap into the magic of your people with the empowering an employee growth mindset workshop

While leaders may have the best intentions to unlock the potential of their people, not having systems in place for vital development can hold organizations back from maximizing employee time, talent, and energy. Technology is rapidly evolving and the ability to keep on top of rapid changes can easily cause burnout. Enter the Growth Mindset Workshop— a collaborative, macro-effective way for leadership to collaborate with all employees in the development of a winning culture, innovation, engagement, and retention.

By developing and fostering a growth mindset inside an organizational culture, employees will be encouraged to continuously learn and increase their talents, thereby empowering them to bend with technology, not break from it.

Give your team access to:

A highly collaborative curriculum designed to train participants to become the CEOs of their lives

3 structured modules — available in live and virtual settings

A proven framework to foster critical and strategic thinking

Self-improvement and coaching tools

Workshop design & benefits

Workshops are designed to cultivate a mindset within employees in which they believe they are in control of their skills, embrace imperfections, and face challenges head-on. The result is that participants who adopt a growth mindset continuously seek out experiences to develop in-demand skills and useful knowledge that make a positive impact in their lives, workplace, and the world.

Teams will learn how to:

Develop a growth mindset

Differentiate between a fixed and a growth mindset

Survive and thrive in an increasingly more technological workplace

Release perfectionist tendencies

Manage relationships better

Manage motivation

Solve interpersonal problems

Actively seek constructive feedback and embrace ways to improve

Participate in a growth-oriented culture that values learning and creativity

Reframe failure and make refinements to work

Advance in a professional setting

Explore the curriculum — workshop outline



Step 3: 30-DAY CHECK-IN

Why now?

A famous proverb asks, "What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?" and the answer is, "What happens if we don't and they stay?" We wonder, Why wait to find out?

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