Implementing a Successful DTC Website

Create, launch, and sustain a website that converts with the implementing a successful dtc website workshop

Cross-functional teams will develop an e-commerce website and implement a strategic framework to accelerate market share in this interactive workshop. With a learn by doing philosophy in action, teams realize that an attractive website is not the silver bullet for achieving growth objectives. Instead, a variety of leading-edge methods, including simulations, are used to generate tailored strategies for channel expansion and giving customers the best possible online experience.

Digitally native instructors don’t just lecture, they coach alongside participants as they build and A/B test tangible applications. With real-life experience in revenue optimization and growth strategy, the potential for scale is unlocked thanks to the sharing of deep knowledge regarding which strategies to pursue and doing so quickly and effectively.

Give your team access to:

1. Hands-on curriculum designed to actively launch a DTC channel
2. 4 interactive modules — available in live and virtual settings
3. E-commerce strategy frameworks and content-planning calendars
4. Industry leaders in website development & e-commerce marketing
5. Follow-up and support services

Workshop design & benefits

1. Workshops are designed to engage all departments that will touch DTC initiatives: sales, engineering, IT, HR, project management, supply chain, legal, and R&D.
2. The result of these programs is a beta-version of a successful DTC channel with a keen understanding of requirements, hurdles, and processes needed to launch and scale it.

Teams will learn how to:

1. Create, launch, and sustain a website that converts
2. Understand audiences using personas and map the customer journey
3. Brainstorm a visual identity and create a wireframe for site structure
4. Research and develop a competitor analysis
5. Troubleshoot problems that arise in development
6. Source packaging and marketing materials needed for DTC orders
7. Implement operational system design and cyber security procedures
8. Conduct A/B tests on your website
9. Establish a continuous content creation process
10. Create a compelling press release to garner traffic
11. Utilize social media, email marketing, and affiliate channels
12. Grow traffic, signups, sales, and subscriptions

Explore the curriculum — workshop outline


Step 1: Background
Step 2: Discovery and Ideation
Step 3: Prototyping
Step 4: Conclusion and Next Steps

Why now?

In today's world, e-commerce is a multi-trillion dollar industry that will continue evolving as we move into the future. In order to survive in this competitive landscape and not be left behind by technological advances, traditional B2B businesses must make an effort now instead of later when their competition has already seized control from them or deeply struggle trying to do so. The time for going digital has come!

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