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Our workshops are condensed, executive programs designed by an industry leader to help your organization unlock its full potential of talent and technology. We are dedicated to empowering teams with advanced learning methods and the strategic skills needed for next-generation success. We’ve made it easy and organized to infuse your organization with learning programs that are tailored to transform your organization.

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OmniAgile / Agile for Business Units Workshop

Agile is not only for developers! This practical workshop will transform organizations by teaching all teams how to rethink challenges and thrive in market environments where the only constant is change.

Implementing successful DTC campaigns

Think of it as an Ecommerce laboratory that champions teamwork and collaboration across disciplines. Colleagues will learn - by doing- how to successfully build, launch, and operate a scalable DTC channel in this multidisciplinary workshop.

Empowering employees to have a growth mindset in the Tech environment

Anyone can develop a positive growth mindset—this energetic workshop shows participants how to master their motivation. Lifelong goals and plans are cultivated in this workshop to inspire habits that enable people to adapt, adopt, shift, and bend with technology like never before.

Clarity to Exit (C2E Method)

By the end of this inspirational workshop, employees will have the #1 skill they need to succeed not only in business but in life. Win-win conversation techniques are taught to build better relationships with every interaction along the customer journey.


Immersive, engaging curriculum designed to boost the bottom line

Comprehensive content backed by a rigorous consulting process

Strategic planning tools and frameworks for success

Education modules or longer programs — in live and virtual settings

Industry leader and seasoned executive in various topics


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Our in-depth, hands-on curriculum is split into 7 modules, 4 workshops and 3 self-organized phases, designed to help teams fully understand DTC practices and successfully adapt and implement them to the business’ specific needs. Our highly qualified instructors guide and co-create alongside learners during the workshops and will also meet with teams in the self-organized phases to offer their insights on developing the various DTC functions.

Module 1 - Workshop: The case for DTC

Explore success stories and case studies and how they leveraged DTC practices to transform their business

Understand the key functions with operating successful DTC - logistics, packaging, cybersecurity and more

Learn to create personas, customer journey maps and competitor analyses

Module 2 - Self-organized phase

Explore available customer insights

Validate assumptions

Assess internal capabilities

Module 3 - Workshop: Ideation & Prototyping

Aggregate findings and align on business potential

Develop plan for low-cost prototyping

Brainstorm a visual identity

Split into teams & prototype

Module 4 - Self-organized phase

Advance on prototypes for various facets:

First website iteration

Logistics & packaging

Marketing strategy

Module 5 - Workshop: Iterate and grow

Gain internal feedback on work so far

Brainstorming workflow and integrating into business areas

Strategize next steps in teams

Module 6 - Self-organized phase

Draft workflow-specific processes in order to excel at:

Social media, email marketing, and affiliate channels

Traffic, signups, sales, and subscriptions

Website functionality optimization

Operational system design and cyber security

Module 7 - Workshop: Assess progress and next steps

Gain feedback on progress

Risk Management and success metrics

Preparation for launch